Why Quickness Is Important In Basketball

It is common to hear why quickness is important not just in basketball but in most sports. I’m pretty sure that being quick is an important component and many are spending hours in training to gain extra boost or increase quickness as there’s a thin line that separates the elite athletes from the ordinary ones.

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I’ve tried researching about why quickness/speed is important in sports and here is an answer from Grade 7 students. According to Celine, Darwin, Franklin and Kevin “It is important because we need skills that are connected to speed and velocity in sports. When we are playing sports like football, we need to pass the ball, run, we need power and that is connected to speed and velocity.

When we want to pass the ball, we need speed and velocity so no one will keep up with you and results that no one will block your passing. When we are running, we can know the speed and velocity we are running and without speed, you will totally lose. When we need power, the faster you are, the stronger you are and the stronger you are, the more possibilities of winning.

We can control the speed and velocity and that helps us in sports. In conclusion, speed and velocity is really important.” A good thought, isn’t it? But if you’ll ask me, I have little stuff to raise why quickness is important.

Truth About Quickness

*It develops the skill synergy. The entire game performance will quickly expand because you can expand on each skill that is learned which will flow into the areas or aspects of skill development. Skill synergy isn’t that easy, as you have to work and practice on both basic and advance fundamental levels which are based on the idea that the better you become at any one particular skill, the better and more developed you will be at each and every other skill.

Having said that, your game will become twice effective as it was before. Also, learn to master how to do a good pass, catch, dribble, a great shoot and a good footwork as it is the primary needs for a great basketball player to become successful in any cross-over move or behind the back dribble.

*Quickness lets you adopt new tricks. In my opinion, the faster and more agile the player is, the more opportunities will be given to him or her at different positions because it’s a distinct advantage over the other players. New tricks are systematical and progressive.

Therefore it’s easier to run, re-direct, stop, jump, cut, shoot, etc. and integrates all other movement with new techniques and tactics. Without quickness, many basketball players would not be effective for their teams because the nature of sports played on courts and fields is to use speed in an effective manner.

*Quickness makes you stronger and more powerful. Strong individuals usually use more muscles to do work. It’s never that simple because strength happens when your central nervous system is trained to activate more muscles. Wrong perception is, muscle size has nothing to do with how much strength you have. Developing quickness will assist a person to improve their ability; not only in running fast.

Truth About Quickness 2.0

Additionally, all athletes, or sporty people needs to maximize movements and improve the areas that help them get the most out of their body. My basis for this is that, when there is quickness, power can be executed. So if you plan to be quick, you need all your muscles activated and synchronized to achieve optimum capacity or vice-versa.

Without strength, the central nervous system will not be able to work; will not be able to use and call on the muscles needed to produce faster body movements. So once the proper motor patterns are established, the strength and explosiveness can be applied while improving the athlete’s frequency.

*Improves movement efficiency. Quickness comes along with running and movement while efficiency means to run fast with the appropriate form. This is more on agility, flexibility and the ability to combine the qualities with acceleration and deceleration thus, improving the sport skill, strength, mobility, conditioning, and power to increase the performance.

*Quickness enhances stability. Quickness in offensive basketball has to do with how well a player can change direction, react to the defenses more, do fake movements, the ball catching and create separation. Stability in basketball deals with body balance, stance, reaction, acceleration and body posture.

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 For instance, a player does a fake shot and got the opponent to react in his move but the player’s stability and posture is bad, in the offensive side, this might end up as a chance to cut-off or redirect the move. Personally I think the Truth About Quickness 2.0 training program is your best bet in the end.

Why settle for one or two exercises when you can have an entire program with tons of techniques, exercises and tips to take your speed and quickness to the next level. So give Alex Maroko’s Truth About Quickness program a try and see for yourself.

Truth About Quickness 2.0 Workout Secrets With Alex Maroko

Workout Secrets From Truth About Quickness 2.0 Creator Alex Maroko

I recently ran across this Truth About Quickness 2.0 workout secrets video from Alex Maroko.

If you don’t know Alex Maroko is the actually creator of this program. In this video he shares a few workout secrets to improving your quickness. So just thought I would share it with you.

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Why Quickness Is So Important In Sports

Does Quickness Truly Matter In All Sports?

In this Truth About Quickness 2.0 article I want to take a look at why quickness is so important in sports. Take it or leave it, quickness is one of the most important aspect or characteristics of a good and active athlete. Quick speed allows players to get more rebounds or increase the teams score.

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 It is the ultimate secret to lock down defense. I am not saying that a player should only focus on quickness, it is still important to develop different aspects of the game but undeniably, speed is really a big advantage in the big picture. The winning formula includes speed, agility and quickness.

Before anything else, let me define the term quickness as it’s defined in Truth About Quickness 2.0, it is the person’s ability to move in the absence of much external force and without any wind-up. In simpler terms, it is how your hands, your feet or your body moves in an explosive manner. Quickness and speed is always being misinterpreted.

Many people think that both are the same but these are really different things. Speed is more on strength and power which deals mostly in one direction or in a straight line while quickness is all about reacting quickly in changing directions. If you’ll think, quickness is much more important and complex because of the following reasons:

The Reasons Why Quickness Is So Important

*It really builds strength. Before any action is done, enough strength is needed. We are not talking about building super big muscles but rather, strong muscles that can help us produce quickness. In this sense, the foundation is being laid with dynamic balance and body strength. If a person doesn’t have the strength foundation, it might lead to losing the game or worst, serious injuries.

*It improves the sense of a person’s change in direction. In most sports, it is not an easy to change in direction as this will often cause an off balance mode. An athlete needs to maintain the center of gravity over a changing support. Stability should always be present as the change-of-direction acceleration has multi-directional linear that needs coordination with the body. In truth about quickness 2.0 you’ll learn exercises to help you change direction while moving at fast speeds.

*To become faster, quickness is essential. Both quickness and speed involves acceleration and to accelerate, it needs powerful body thus, implying that, the resemblances of these things are capable to explode and drive one’s self to powerful athlete. As you notice, a player may appear like flash, the super hero in justice league but gets easily injured because of not having the right posture, timing and strength.

Most of the good ones, understand what the concept is when talking about quickness and when you see it live, it looks and feels really amazing.

*Quickness develops the nervous system. According to Jamie Hale, “Training for Quickness is not the same as training for absolute speed. Quickness relies heavily on immediate movement reactions. Think of quickness as the first phase of speed.” This is very true as different training develops different aspects. As for this, training for being quick increases the firing rates of motor units, increases the intramuscular coordination also known as the ability to synergistically use muscle groups. Alex Maroko discusses this in length in his truth about quickness 2.0 program.

*Quickness-Alignment and Synchronization. In order to succeed, this three mechanical principal must be in place all the time. We already know about quickness lets define what’s alignment. Here, alignment includes the proper posture and action. When a person moves or run, the body parts such as the torso, leg and head forms a straight line; this is what is meant with alignment.

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On the other hand, synchronization also includes the movement of the body parts. The upper arm and upper leg should move at the same time. The 90 degree angle should be done with the arm and should be maintain consistently when rotating from back to front.

With proper alignment, synchronization and quickness is integrated in altogether, a player will be develop to someone more.  Please bookmark this website and check back soon for more Truth About Quickness 2.0 articles and tips.

Five Truth About Quickness 2.0 Tips To Increase Your Quickness

5 Tips From Truth About Quickness 2.0

It’s been a while, but here are 5 more powerful truth about quickness 2.0 tips to help you increase your quickness. Strength is really one valuable assets of a player as this is the basic foundation to effective strategies for building sports related quickness.

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Strength training may include calf raises, lunges, curls, squats, push-ups and leg extensions. Remember that it is not always about gaining mass but building lean muscle to be quicker.

Understand what it’s all about especially the training. In order to improve, it is necessary to know each little detail that we may fail to understand that includes the mechanics of speed or quickness.

  • Strength Training
  • Speed / Acceleration Training
  • Complex Movements

Utilize both fitness and simulation based drills. Acceleration requires over coming body and mass inertia while maintaining a high rate of velocity. I’ve always believe that simple training routines will help a lot and a simple drill is a wonderful way to develop the acceleration speed. Also, emphasizing key speed-building attributes is a great way to increase speed.

  • Staying low posture, players must maintain 45 degree body position to easily switch direction and maintain momentum.
  • The arms and elbows must be use to generate quick body momentum.
  • Pivot the hips when going from sidestepping.
  • Do bend and lunge.

Specific movements are basic but important movements that should always be use in practice. It should be performed with 100% energy. The combination of these strength trainings and acceleration drills a great way for speed improvement success.

Here Are The Six Truth About Quickness 2.0 Tips

Tip 1:

Improve the reaction time. The reaction time refers to how long it takes you to react to a stimulus. Like how fast you react to an opponent who punches you or how quick you respond to the ball that is thrown to you. The average reaction time of a person is around .2 to .3 seconds; audio is much quicker around 3 to 5 hundreds faster.

If you are someone who is a late reactor, it may take .4 seconds but one interesting thing is that, you can always improve it around 10-20%. Do the over speed training because it increase adrenaline level which enhances the mental process.

The best time to practice it is every morning because the mind is still very fresh from rest. It increases the arousal of naturally boosts adrenaline. Also, try stuffs that contain tyrosine: 3000 mg, acetyl-carnitine: 1000 mg, then add 200 mg caffeine for enhanced effectiveness since the positive impact is the stimulatory neurotransmitters have reaction to such chemicals. Let’s move on to the next Truth About Quickness 2.0 tip.

Tip 2:

Try Polymetrics. The term Polymetrics, commonly refers to exercise training methods which is intended to improve fast body movements. These set of exercises is designed to generate muscular strength and is a good set of exercise to enhance agility and speed training.

In all kinds of sports, polymetrics is considered as an explosive training that develops the overall performance which includes, jumping, running, and change of direction because polymetrics targets the tendon muscles, nerves and other group of muscles. Polymetric workouts may include zigzag hops, box jumps, squat jumps and tuck jumps. In Truth About Quickness 2.0 you will hear Alex talk about this a lot.

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Tip 3:

Never Forget Deceleration. Athletes needs effective speed but effective cannot be considered effective without control. It’s just like training how to drive a car fast without brakes. Just like in every situation, a player dribbles and runs fast down the court but must learn to effectively slow down as he or she approaches the basket or else, out of control, the player would bump the base, lose the lay-up or get injured.

This may sound a little bit weird since we are talking about how to increase your quickness but in order to be quick you must be able to learn effective deceleration and reacceleration. A great way to learn this is know the basic form of deceleration, that is to bend knees or keep it nice flexed then lowering the player’s hips during deceleration.

Tip 4:

Know the fast twitch muscle and slow twitch muscle. Our body is composed of two types of fiber: the slow and fast twitch. The slow one is great in aerobic exercise; they are efficient in utilizing oxygen in the bloodstream to support the body movement.

As the name implies, slow twitch muscles are able to do slower, repeated movements. This kind of muscle is lean; therefore it is great for endurance like marathon running. On the other hand, fast twitch muscles work with anaerobic process to create force and powerful energy.

These kinds of muscles are bulkier than slow twitch muscles. Also, this tends to make fast twitch muscles every explosive but get fatigue more quickly making it function in a short span of time. If you are an athlete who focuses on quickness explosiveness and strength, having faster twitch muscle in the body can increase the performance.

Tip 5:

The right anticipation. Well I believe that anticipation brings everything. When you have anticipation, you’ll have dedication which is half closer to your real destination and therefore can have a huge difference.

Anticipation deals with learning to recognize repeated tendencies and studying the opponent’s moves. Knowing or having idea about an opponent’s game is a great tool for winning.

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Well I got to run, but I hope you found these small Truth About Quickness 2.0 tips helpful and useful.